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List of What's New in WinBidPro v16

For those coming from v15, here is a list of some new and improved features in WinBidPro v16 at its initial launch -- not in any particular order.

Some of the New v16 Features!

  1. Cloud based data management - AWS server hosted data for maximum security, performance, and reliability.
  2. Manufacturer Catalogs - Vendor catalogs are simply selected for use in your company account. These don’t need to be installed or updated. All manufacturer updates to catalog data goes “live” after we update the information on the server.
  3. One Jobs List for All - Jobs are displayed in one list regardless of the manufacturer, making it much easier to find past quotes.
  4. Welcome Tab - This shows you recent jobs and give options for creating and opening jobs. It also shows helpful tips and points out new features in the program.
  5. Fully Editable Data - You can still edit and copy configurations for any catalog in your company account, while the default configurations remain unchanged. This allows manufacturer updates to occur real-time, and prevents these changes from interfering with your own changes.
  6. All New Configuration Windows - Frame, Door Frame, and Door Leaf configurations now use Assemblies for each given component. This allows multiple assemblies to be saved for any given component (head, sill, jambs, etc.). This gives you an Alternate feature for any component in a drawing.
  7. Improved Interaction with Drawings - Drawing interface is more interactive than ever. Panels can be clicked when adding entrances. Glass lites can be clicked for merging, and panels clicked for changing width and height – to name a few.
  8. Huge Improvement to Rake/Sloped Top Elevations - Rake and Gable tops can easily and intuitively be added to any elevation. Rakes can start or end mid panel and start/end points can be edited for precise design and sizing. True "gabled" headers can be easily created.
  9. Improved Glass tab - Glass types are added to a job before adding them to specific openings. This makes adding glass to different elevations easier and faster, and easily shows what glass is being used in a job.
  10. Improved Feature for Dividing Lites of Glass - Dividing lites of glass (formerly Splits) is now done with by adding panels to an opening and merging lites above or below. This also applies to dividing transom lites. Doors can now be added to multiple panels to create split transoms.
    • With this method of dividing lites, you can now change panel widths to change division widths of glass.
  11. Central Error Tracking - Program errors are automatically logged in our server error tracking software, allowing us to prioritize and address issues more efficiently.
  12. Built-in Support Submital Tool - Users can submit support questions or bugs from within the program.
  13. Built-in Feature Request Tool - Users can post and vote on suggestions and features for the program. This helps us prioritize improvements and streamline the upgdate process.
  14. Familiar Menu System - A more modern, familiar menu bar is now used at the top of the program window.
  15. Easy Job Navigation - A Job Explorer section shows you all elevations for a job in one list and gives you a right-click menu to access quick tasks for both the job and its elevation.
  16. Detachable Tab Windows - Tabs are created for elevations and the Cut List. Tabs can be detached from the main window and moved to a different part of your screen to see multiple things at once. The Cut List is dynamically updated when elevations are changed, making it easier to verify cut sizes.
  17. Central Job Messages - A Job Alerts message is displayed at the bottom of the main window and clicking that will open a tab showing either warnings or problems with a job. Important issues with elevations are displayed in this one place, eliminating the use of annoying popup messages anytime there is a problem.
  18. Newly Designed Markup Report - A completely new Markup Report has been designed to make markup, tax, and extra charges easier to read and configure.
  19. All New Labor Configrator - Labor has been completely redesigned to add more flexibility and ease of use. Configurations are no longer dependent on frame types; they can simply be given a name. Configurations can also be easily copied and edited at any time.
  20. New Labor Tab Added - A Labor tab has also been added to the drawing window to allow easy application and modification of elevation level labor configurations and values.
  21. New Settings Dock - We added a Settings Dock that lets you set the visibility and colors for many parts of an elevation drawing. The background, dimensions, the following, and more:
    • Glass fill patterns can also be assigned to different types of glass.
    • Different colors can be assigned for empty panels and panels with glass.
    • A new Batch Reports window intuitively lets you select multiple reports for viewing, printing, and export.